About Atlas Surveyor

Built On Expertise

Atlas Surveyor is a new marine surveying company built on the expertise of its Pilots..
The marine industry is constantly evolving, demanding innovative solutions to ensure safety, efficiency, and compliance.

Marine Surveyor stands at the forefront of this transformation, leveraging advanced technology and data analytics to empower our clients' success.

When you work with Atlas Surveyor you get access to your historic data 24Hours/Day and 365 Day per year.
Using historic data clients can do advanced analysis to understand past issues and forecast future challenges and opportunities.

Backed with Technology

At Atlas Surveyor we use digital solutions developed to support the activities of our marine surveyors.
Our technology is provided by our parent company, IBC. IBC is a British technology startup innovating in digital transformation, data, and AI.

We cover all Moroccan Ports

For the start of our activity, we cover all Moroccan ports using highly skilled Moroccan marine surveyors.

Atlas Surveyor is a British based company with offices in London, Luxembourg and Latvia. By contracting Atlas Surveyor you get the guarantee of excellent work and expertise of local marine pilots.