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Determination of the quantity of cargo that is loaded or unloaded from a ship by considering the draft of the vessel. The calculation is derived from the analysis of alterations in displacement resulting from variations in draft. 

Notwithstanding a small margin of error, this strategy is a universally applicable approach for every vessel and any harbour. Hence, given the absence of alternative contemporary techniques for quantifying the volume of cargo being transported, this method remains the universally acknowledged means of measurement in marine ports. 

Atlas Surveyor only permits the most skilled Marine Surveyors from the highest level to conduct these checks, owing to the complexity of the calculations involved. Our clients may be assured that we will accurately determine the weight of their loaded cargo and provide weight certificates that are recognized in international maritime transport.


This is a quantification of the fuel quantity present on the vessel at a specific moment. These measurements are mostly conducted to verify the accuracy of the fuel acquired by the ship (from shore, barge, or bunker ship) or to ascertain the quantity of fuel present aboard the ship at the commencement or conclusion of the charter agreement.

Another facet of such control could be the sample of fuel to ascertain its purity.

The inspection works described above, carried out by Atlas Surveyor, are conducted by seasoned Marine Surveyors, ensuring the utmost precision and excellence in these measurements.


Even in meticulously organised technical or transport operations, unforeseen malfunctions or accidents can arise, resulting in harm to both the merchandise and the transportation equipment.

In such instances, it is imperative to obtain an accurate and dependable expert assessment to evaluate the extent of the damages and determine the underlying factors contributing to the accident or harm. 

Thanks to its extensive network of engineers and technical specialists across several disciplines, Atlas Surveyor is capable of efficiently and proficiently providing expertise on a global scale within a remarkably little timeframe.


This method is extensively employed in global commerce to ascertain the volume of commodities, such as crude oil and its byproducts, as well as other fluid cargoes. It is a technique for quantifying the volume of liquid cargo present on a vessel or onshore storage tank. 

Atlas Surveyor's inspectors, who are highly qualified, ensure the precision of measurements and certificates that are supplied upon our clients' request.


Both ships and other smaller modes of transportation are frequently leased for varying durations or sold. Under such circumstances, it is imperative to thoroughly inspect and document the technical condition, level of wear and tear, and fuel level during the transfer of ownership. 

Atlas Surveyor inspectors ensure that our inspection reports enable accurate financial settlements between charter parties and prevent any potential disputes.


The Atlas Surveyor PTI service is provided to our customers to guarantee that their reefer is hygienic, functioning correctly, and prepared to accept the planned consignment prior to the loading process.